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Ghost Voices: Songs from a Cemetery

Ghost Voices PhotoGhost Voices: Songs from a Cemetery is a "multimedia cantata" written for eight voices, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, cello, double bass, and projections. The text comes from nearly twenty selections from Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology. For those unfamiliar with this American classic, Spoon River (published in 1915) is a collection of over two hundred dramatic monologues/verse epitaphs from various deceased citizens of the fictional community of Spoon River, Illinois. The collection contains several storylines that carry between various characters and includes dramatic, comic, and tragic tales told from each inhabitants' point of view.

Texts used in the songs of Ghost Voices can be found on the numerous web sites dedicated to Edgar Lee Masters and Spoon River Anthology. Eventually, pdf files of the score will be available from this page, as well as video clips.

April 30, 2005 and May 9, 2006.
* Broadband connection recommended for video and audio clips. QuickTime required for video clips.
(Photos from either performance can be found on the Photos page.)

Song Name Performer(s) Time Watch Listen
1. The Hill Full Company 2'06" Watch (5MB) Listen (2MB)
2. Two Halves (Ollie & Fletcher McGee) Laura Inman and Jeff Jones 4'19" Watch (10MB) Listen (5MB)
3. Two Loves (Sarah Brown) Courtney Sherman 3'02" Watch (10MB) Listen (4MB)
4. Two Fathers (Jonas Keene & Albert Schirding) Jeff Jones and Robert Wright 4'17" Watch (9MB) Listen (5MB)
5. No Words For It (Nellie Clark) Cynthia Hoff 2'54" Watch (7MB) Listen (3MB)
6. Good Work (A. D. Blood) Robert Wright 47" Watch (2MB) Listen (1MB)
7. The Flag (Harry Wilmans & Many Soldiers) Tim Glemser with Erik Gustafson, Jeff Jones, and Robert Wright 4'23" Watch (12MB) Listen (5MB)
8. Seekers of Earth's Treasures (Thomas Rhodes & Other Villagers) Robert Wright with Deborah Popham, Jeff Jones, and Erik Gustafson 2' Watch (4MB) Listen (2MB)
9. The Memories (Edith Conant) Full Company 5'24" Watch (11MB) Listen (6MB)