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Seekers of Earth's Treasures (Thomas Rhodes & Other Vilagers)

Thomas Rhodes:
Very well, you liberals,
And navigators into realms intellectual,
You sailors through heights imaginative,
Blown about by erratic currents, tumbling into air pockets,

Mrs. George Reece:
My husband had nothing to do with the fall of the bank—
[It was Thomas Rhodes]

Thomas Rhodes:
You found with all your boasted wisdom
How hard at the last it is
To keep the soul from splitting into cellular atoms.

Eugene Clark:
Rhodes' slave!
Thomas Rhodes ran the church
As well as the store and the bank.

Thomas Rhodes:
While we, seekers of earth's treasures,
Getters and hoarders of gold,
Are self-contained, compact, harmonized,
Even to the end.

Plymouth Rock Joe/Nicholas Bindle:
Cock-a-doodle-do! Very well, Thomas Rhodes,
You are cock of the walk no doubt.
...Thom Rhodes,
Who broke [the bank] and...ruined me.

Thomas Rhodes!

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